Transgenders to get housing under the Kerala government’s LIFE

Transgenders to get housing under the Kerala government's LIFE

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM,July20: A section of people who have been forced to the corners in households owing to their circumstances are set to be provided independent homes under the Kerala government’s LIFE (livelihood inclusion and financial empowerment) Housing Mission initiative.

The move aims at ensuring social inclusiveness in housing schemes. A draft survey report by the LIFE Housing Mission in this regard has already enlisted 91,407 persons as beneficiaries. In addition to normal beneficiaries, the government has considered eight difficult factors like mental disability, physical disability and serious afflictions in choosing beneficiaries.

 Among the 91,407 beneficiaries included in the draft list are 466 transgender persons, 1,706 unwed mothers and 749 HIV+ persons. The other beneficiaries are those who are mentally ill, disabled, seriously-ill, widows and those who have been deprived of livelihood following serious accidents. All of these beneficiaries will be made a part of common housing societies if they fall under the landless and homeless category.
“It’s a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country which specifically focuses on eight difficult factors and it will reflect a transitional phase in our society,” said local self-government (LSG) minister K T Jaleel.

“There won’t be any kind of distinctions based on caste, disease or identity. Beneficiaries enlisted under ‘difficult factors’ will live along with other normal beneficiaries. We are also in the process of setting up teams for skill and sustenance development that would impart necessary training for the inhabitants,” said LIFE Housing Mission CEO Adeela Abdulla.

Trained members of the self-help group, Kudumbasree, undertook the survey to identify the beneficiaries with any of the difficult factors. “With all the stigma associated with various difficult factors, self-help groups in an area banked on factors of familiarity and friendship to get the families to open up honestly regarding members who were included in any of the difficult factors,” said Kudumbasree executive director S Harikishore.