Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump to get West Wing office

ivanka trump
Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump to get West Wing office.

New Delhi, Mar. 21: Ivanka Trump’s role in her father’s performance is significantly growing, as she will work out of an office in the West Wing and will get high-security clearance.

Even though Ivanka operates no official role, she has consistently appeared next to the President and senior staffers in major meetings with world leaders and business figures.

A White House official affirmed to CNN that Ivanka will also seek government-provided information devices, although she will not be a government servant.

The development gives Ivanka a more defined role and places her at the centre of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Ivanka has drawn massive inspection over disagreements in the administration between public roles and private concerns by gaining a position in the West Wing.

The move into a West Wing office brings her role in the administration closer to formality. (ANI)