TTV Dhinakaran ‘heavily bribed’ RK Nagar win, says Kamal Hassan

TTV Dhinakaran 'heavily bribed' RK Nagar win, says Kamal Hassan

Chennai/ Tamil Nadu, Jan 5: Coming down heavily on TTV Dhinakaran, actor Kamal Hassan claimed on Thursday that Dhinakaran bought his RK Nagar bypoll win by “heavily bribing”  the people who sold their democratic right “like begging from a thief”.

Deviating from his usual critical approach on the ruling government, in his article for the weekly Ananda Vikatan Hassan further added that Dhinakaran’s win was “a blot on democracy”.

On a usual note, he took on AIADMK accusing the ruling party of “fixing Rs 6,000 as the rate per vote”, whereas the “independent candidate” (TTV) changed his rate depending on the voter.

Without directly naming Dhinakaran Hassan the voters of RK Nagar “dug their own grave” by voting the “independent candidate” who fixed the highest rate for their votes.

“The very people who stepped out of their houses during the historic 2015 floods that almost submerged Chennai to lend a helping hand to the needy have sold themselves to a `20 token. This (act of getting money for votes) is equal to begging and that too akin to begging from a thief. There can’t be more ridiculous action than this,” the actor said.

“It is not that people of RK Nagar are inhuman; it is just that poverty made them blind (towards money) and remember your honest vote is the most potent weapon to eradicate poverty from your lives. Though it may not bring instant happiness that a Rs 20 token can bring, I am hopeful that you people will realise that a vote that is cast with honesty will give you long-term happiness,” he said, referring to allegations that Rs 20 tokens were given to voters to be exchanged for `10,000 or more at a “specified locations” later.

“RK Nagar bypoll is a big stain on Tamil Nadu politics; it is a big stain on Indian democracy. I won’t call this purchased win even a scam…this is a day light crime,” Kamal said.

He further added that he is going ahead with his ‘political career plan’ just like his co-star who plunged into politics 4 weeks ago.