Tumour removed from the spinal cord of young girl at SRMC

Tumour removed from the spinal cord of young girl at SRMC
Chennai, July 18 : A team of neurosurgeons at Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre (SRMC) has performed a tough surgery to successfully remove a 12.
5 X 1.2 cm long tumour from the spinal cord of a young girl.
A SRMC release here today said, the 17-year-old girl, S.
Anitha from Kolathur area in the city, was admitted to the hospital on May eight with walking difficulty after being bedridden for two weeks.
She was diagnosed to have spinal cord tumour and the MRI showed lipoma within the spinal cord extending from D1 to D9.
The surgery required long segment bone removal before the tumour could be removed.
Laminoplasty was done so as not to compromise on spinal stability.
It took eight to nine hours for the surgery as the tumour had encircled the spinal cord tightly and had to be removed delicately without injuring it, which, otherwise, would have caused functional neurological problems.
Ten days after the surgery, the patient improved and started walking with support.
She has been discharged and has been taking follow-up treatment, the release said.
The surgery was done by a team led by Dr.K.Selvakumar, Professor, Neuro Surgery.