Turkish city of Kuzeykent broadcast 53 seconds of the X-rated noises on loudspeaker

Turkish city of Kuzeykent broadcast 53 seconds of the X-rated noises on loudspeaker
Istanbul, March25:Turkish cities often turn on their loudspeakers to send out the Muslim call to prayer, but one town was treated to a quite scandalous broadcast when the sounds of a porn flick were transmitted to residents. The mayor denounced the stunt as “unmoral.”

The broadcast took place in Kuzeykent, one of the most populated neighborhoods in the Black Sea province of Kastamonu, earlier this week.

The out-of-the-ordinary broadcast prompted a few amused residents to record the hilarity of the moment, filming 53 seconds of the X-rated noises.

Their laughter can be heard in the background of the video, which was posted online and promptly circulated on social media.

The city’s mayor, however, isn’t laughing. In fact, he pledged in a Facebook post that a “legal process” would be launched against the responsible parties.

“The unmoral provocation that had been conducted by intercepting the announcement system of our municipality and heard in certain spots in our Kuzeykent neighborhood has no relation with our institution. The necessary legal processes will be launched as soon as possible for those who are responsible for this unmoral act and we apologize to our precious fellow townsmen for this situation,” Mayor Tahsin Babaş wrote.

Meanwhile, local security officials said they suspected that the city’s frequency had been intercepted.

“We think that they intercepted the municipality frequency because it occurred in only one region. It would have occurred everywhere if it was the municipality’s central announcement system. One can broadcast what he or she wants after spotting the frequency wave,” Hurriyet reported, citing Doğan News Agency.

The officials added that an investigation of the incident was underway.

Social media users had another, simpler theory – that city workers were watching a porn film and simply forgot to turn off the loudspeakers.