Tweet for tat; Siddaramaiah taunts Amit shah by tweeting he was once a ‘jailbird’

A twitter jibe is happening between BJP president Amit shah and Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah. During his Parivartan rally in Karnataka, Amit shah said that Karnataka CM cannot stop BJP form the next government and Siddaramaiah is corrupt.

Amit shah tweeted that Siddaramaiah means corruption and corruption means Siddaramaiah during.

For this Siddaramaiah tweeted, an ex-jailbird who chose another former jailbird to be his party’s CM candidate for our Karnataka election. Can he present facts about the so-called corruption charges against me or my Govt? Just telling lies won’t help. People will not believe his #jumlas”.

Karnataka CM also added that, Amit shah is reading out dated speech during his rally and he is not talking about Mahadayi river dispute.