Tweet by Mumbai-Delhi Jet Airways passenger to PM Modi about false hijacking sends security into tizzy

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Jaipur,April28: A tweet by the passenger of a Mumbai-Delhi Jet Airways flight sent security agencies into a tizzy on Thursday.

Flight 9W355 — carrying 176 people, including 8 crew members — was diverted to Jaipur due to bad weather at Delhi, but a worried passenger thought the flight had been hijacked and tweeted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Soon after the aircraft landed in Jaipur, security agencies carried out a thorough check and the passenger who tweeted the message was offloaded, PTI reported.

In a statement, a Jet Airways spokesperson said a passenger tweeted a message involving a security threat necessitating activation of the security protocol. “The information was promptly shared with the concerned authorities including the CISF, and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) and local law enforcement agencies in line with Standard Operating Procedures,” he said.

According to the spokesperson, the concerned guest was subsequently offloaded for questioning by security agencies at Jaipur, owing to diversion of the flight. After the plane landed, the aircraft was checked before it took off to Delhi.

It could not be immediately ascertained what further action was taken with respect to the passenger, PTI said.

Acting JIA director M P Bansal told PTI that five Jet Airways and one Oman Air flight coming from different locations which were supposed to land in New Delhi were diverted to Jaipur airport due to bad weather conditions.