Tweet to God

Tweet to God

If you’re a Social Media user, you probably have your fair share of politicians, news portals, celebrities, business brands, and public figure accounts that you follow to stay informed. But Social Media offers more than useful information and serious stuff. The parody accounts in Social Media, especially Twitter is worth following, to relish little spurts of trivialism and sometimes, thought provoking satire.

The tweet of God is one such parody account that emulates the voice of God. The tweet of God makes sarcastic replies whenever someone, especially the celebrities mention God. Reading through this Twitter account makes you feel that the almighty would have replied the same way- this account holder tweets. The tweets rendered by the tweet of God are devoid of pretension and tedium.

The tweet of God is an ardent adversary of Donald Trump and the Republicans, which makes him appear even more God-like. The account currently has 4.38 million followers.

Here are some tweets from God!

No matter what happens, always remember: I could not care less.

— God (@TheTweetOfGod) January 9, 2018