Twin murder in West Bengal with headless bodies of women

KOLKATA,Oct18: The police in Bengal’s East Midnapore district have a grisly task on their hands. They are looking for the decapitated heads of two young women whose bodies were found in the district on Saturday. Police suspect that a ‘tantric’ may be involved in at least one case as flowers, incense sticks and vermillion were found near the body.

The other body was found near bushes. Police are investigating if there is any connection between the two deaths. The identity of the two women is yet to be established.

Early on Saturday morning, the body of a woman, believed to be 18, was spotted in a betel leaf farm in the Tamluk police station area. Two hours later, the body of the second woman was found in the Nandigram police station area, around 60 km away.

Police say the ‘tantrik’ symbols may be a red herring placed by the murderer. They are also checking if the women were murdered nearby or killed elsewhere and dumped at the two locations.

There is one difference between the two murders. The Tamluk victim appears to have been killed just hours before her body was found. The Nandigram victim may have been dead for about 48 hours before being discovered.