Twitter introduces QR code feature for easier user access

California,Nov17:Snapchat seems to be the envy of all social media platforms right now. Direct rival app Instagram has already introduced its own feature that is extremely similar to Snapchat’s ‘Story’ and now it seems like Twitter has also been inspired by the support of QR Codes in the media-sharing social platform. Twitter has introduced the support for QR codes in the app in order to provide an easier way to follow someone else’s account.

The support for QR codes for Twitter has been added to both Android and iOS apps. On Android, you can access the option to search for somebody else’s account from the slide-out menu from the left side of the app. After clicking on the QR Code option, you will get the option to scan the code right away using your phone’s camera. You can also choose to see your own QR code by clicking on My QR code option and then share it using the option on top-right of the screen.

On iOS, users need to go to their profile and click on the settings icon. Then they can click on QR code option from the menu. Unlike Android, on iOS, users are first treated with their own QR code, which they can share from top-right option on the screen. Users are required to click on QR scanner option to use phone’s camera and scan other people’s accounts to follow them.

Users from both platforms can scan the QR code from their camera roll pictures as well.

Even though Snapchat’s support for QR codes makes sense as searching for people’s profiles is not easy on the platform, Twitter already provides a search tool that seems to work really well. It will be interesting to see whether users find the new feature useful or not.