Two Hyderabadi women duped of their jobs in Saudi Arabia held hostage by their employers

Two Hyderabadi women duped of their jobs in Saudi Arabia held hostage by their employers

Hyderabad,May12: Two women from the city complained that they were offered jobs as beauticians but were being made to work as domestic helps in Saudi Arabia.

Mr Md. Ibrahim Ali of Golconda said his wife, Ms Arshiya Begum, had been offered the job by an agent named Adil from First Lancer. She left on September 20 last tear, and was told upon landing that she would have to go to Jeddah.

Once she landed there, she was told she would have to work as a domestic help. She refused initially but had no alternative, Mr Ali said.

She was promised a salary of 1,500 riyals; she was paid for three months and had not been paid after that, he said.

He said the employer was demanding 15,000 riyals to release her. “When I approached the agent he demanded Rs 70,000,” he said. Mr A;i then went to the police.

Golconda inspector Syed Fayaz said the police had begin a probe and advised Mr Ali to write to the external affairs ministry.

Ms Haleemunnisa, 31, of Falaknuma was also similarly cheated.

She was promised a beautician’s job and a salary of Rs 70,000 by an agent named Viquar of Dabeerpura. She left for Saudi on March 19.

Her brother Md Asif said she was being made to do household work, and was being harassed by the employer’s family. He said she was being asked to pay Rs 6 lakh to be relieved.

He went to the police on April 13 but there was no action, he said.

Falaknuma inspector P. Yadagiri said a cheating case had been lodged against the agent. He said Mr Asif had been asked to write to the MEA.

Videsh Sampark’ to help out expats
The ministry of external affairs has launched a programme through the stage government titled Videsh Sampark to strengthen the engagement with Indian diaspora, ensure welfare and protection of Indians abroad, promote safe and legal migration and bringing passport services to the doorstep.

Dr E. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, Regional Passport Officer said, “The main aim will be to provide an opportunity to brainstorm how the state government and ministry can strengthen ongoing cooperation to address issues and problems pertaining to these areas.” A meeting for the purpose will be held on May 13, with external affairs MoS Gen. V.K. Singh (retd), state minister K.T. Rama Rao, Nayani Narsimha Reddy and officials.

The regional passport office doesn’t have the details of individuals from Hyderabad who are staying in the Gulf. It is hoped that with Videsh Sampark, a database can be created to maintain individual records. He said the issues of migrants will be discussed in the May 13 conference.