Two leopard cubs rescued and reunited with mother in Pune

Two leopard cubs rescued and reunited with mother in Jumna

Pune, Feb6: Leopards running into human beings has been reported in the country for the past several years and incidents like a leopard being thrashed to death by villagers in Haryana and multiple leopard sightings including one in a hotel, shocked the nation.

But while there has been concern over safety of leopards as well as of people living in areas close to wildlife habitats, a video comes as a rare positive incident as it shows a leopard being reunited with her cubs in a village near Pune.

The baby leopards were discovered by locals who informed authorities since they were afraid that their mother was near the village looking for them. The wildlife SOS team examined the cubs and then placed them near the same location where the leopard was last spotted.

They documented the heart warming reunion by placing remote controlled cameras and waiting for the mother to arrive