Two Qatari women robbed on Paris motorway by masked men in 5 million Euro heist

Paris,Nov22:Two Qatari women have been robbed on a Paris motorway in what police described as a five million euro heist.

The women, in their 60s, had just left Le Bourget airport , which is north of the capital,  with their driver in a Bentley car.

They were then set upon by a pair of masked men who held them up before spraying them with tear gas.

 They then robbed the women of an estimated five million euros in valuables.

The masked men stole “everything in the vehicle: jewels, clothes, luggage,” a source told AFP.

An investigation is underway and the victims are yet to have been identified.

The robbery reportedly took place at around 9pm on Monday night.

According to TF1, the robbers ordered the women’s driver to pull over by a service station on the A1 motorway just outside Le Bourget.

The investigation was opened after the driver came forward to report the heist, TF1 reported.