Houston woman in NewYork, arrested for keeping exotic animals at home

NEW YORK, Nov. 14 : A U.S. woman was arrested on Monday for keeping three tigers, a skunk, a cougar, a fox and several monkeys at home.

The 34-year-old woman, named Trisha Meyer, lived in Houston with her 14-year-old daughter as well as the mentioned animals. After a months-long investigation, local police charged her with theft and child endangerment.

According to Houston media reports, Meyer had permits for the tigers but her keeping of other animals is illegal. Furthermore, she has records of scamming other people.

Formal investigation against the Texas mother started with a California man who paid Meyer 3,000 U.S. dollars for a Savannah kitten but failed to receive it.

As an officer with Houston Police Major Offenders Animal Cruelty Squad showed up at Meyer’s door with a Texas Game Warden, they found the animal she was living with was never as simple as a kitten.

She told police that she usually let her animals wander freely in the house and only locked up the tigers when she was out even though the tigers could be dangerous at their age and some monkeys were “vicious” and had attacked people before.

After the landlord of the house in which Meyer was living got to know her pets from police and kicked her out, she fled the Houston home and ran away with all her animals. The authorities finally pinned her down in Nye County, Nevada, western America.

She is now in custody and her tigers were confiscated.