Uber driver killed after speeding BMW accident in Delhi

Uber driver killed after speeding BMW accident in Delhi

New Delhi, Jan 23:A 27-year-old Uber cab driver was killed after a speeding BMW hit his vehicle near IIT Flyover on Outer Ring Road in South Delhi on Sunday night. The accused, a young man in his early twenties according to witnesses, is on the run.

The victim has been identified as Nazrul, a Gurgaon resident who hails from West Bengal. He is survived by a wife and two children, aged four and two years.

The accident happened around 11:15 p.m. and both the vehicles had a single occupant each – the respective drivers.

Dileep, who was at the spot during the time of the accident and helped to evacuate Nazrul from his car, said the speed of the BMW was very high when it hit Nazrul’s Wagon R from behind.

“I was barely twenty steps ahead of the victim’s car when I heard the sound of a vehicle crashing into the other. The sound was so loud like there was a bomb blast and as I turned back, the Wagon R was spinning on the road due to the impact of the hit. I made a PCR call as I walked towards the car,” Dileep recounted.

The BMW driver also approached the damaged car and enquired whether the victim was alright. He left without waiting for a reply, Mr. Dileep said.

Mr. Dileep meanwhile continued his effort to pull the driver out and was joined by a passer by in the rescue mission. He managed to unfasten the seatbelt and pull Nazrul out.

“As crowds started to gather around and traffic came to a halt, the BMW driver used the situation to his advantage and managed to flee. He barely stayed there two or three minutes after the accident,” said Mr. Dileep.

He added that when Nazrul was taken out, he was alive but appeared to be in immense pain. “There was no bleeding, however, not a drop,” he said.

It was with the help of another passerby, who agreed to let his car be used for rushing the victim to a nearby hospital, medical aid was provided to the victim. He, however, died during treatment.

Police are now trying to trace the owner of the vehicle with registration number CH01AZ2534 and seeking legal opinion on whether to register the case as a case of culpable homicide or one of causing death by negligence along with rash and negligent driving.

A second crash

Even as the cops were waiting for the BMW to be towed away from the busy road, another vehicle rammed into it. Nearly two hours after the first accident, a speeding SUV rammed into the stranded BMW. As people gathered around the offending vehicle and made attempts to stop it, the woman driving it sped away. Nobody was injured this time.