Uber Vs Google | Self-driving race’s finish point in Court

It will be a d-day for the race of self-driving cars, when Uber and Waymo, sister concern of Google will battle it out in a court on Monday in San Francisco.

Waymo sued Uber last February and has argued that it owed $1.8bn in damages for intellectual property theft.

Waymo, is a a self-driving car company owned by Google. It sued Uber for allegedly stealing trade secrets and self-driving car technology.

The tech giants are eyeing the futuristic  self-driving car market and the outcome of the case will be determinant to decide the industry leaders in a segment that none others have entered so far.

For Uber, which was able to penetrate with its car pooling model in many of the countries, overthrowing the traditional cab services, the futuristic self-driving car of Waymo  is a real challenge.

The case was filed by Waymo alleging that its former engineer Anthony Levandowski stole thousands of confidential documents containing trade secrets before leaving Google. Levandowski founded a self-driving truck company called Otto in January 2016. Uber then bought Otto for $680 million in August 2016.

Waymo  also alleges that the company used Waymo’s laser and radar technology called LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)  for developing the its own self-driving car.

However, Uber denies the allegations. The case comes before Judge William Alsup, a federal judge in San Francisco, who was also the presiding judge for Oracle v. Google, a major tech copyright case involving the Java programming language.