‘Udaan’ opens new career path for a Jammu girl Harshita Jain

Bengaluru / Jammu, June 27 : Hailing from Jammu city, Harshita Jain is today enjoying a bright career in the corporate world.

Though belonging to a business family, Harshita had always wanted to be a professional after doing her MBA.

Her dreams came true in March 2014, when she got her first job placement during an interview conducted in Jammu under ‘Udaan’, a special employment scheme launched by the government to address the needs of the educated unemployed in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Udaan for me is like `Umeedo ke Udaan’ (flying high on expectations). I have to achieve a lot and need to move forward. I have to struggle in the future and get to know the reality of life. A person, who has not faced any struggle in life, should come out and face life’s challenges. The government has provided an opportunity through `Udaan’ and people must take advantage of it, especially girls,” she said.

`Udaan’ has given new wings to Harshita. The experience of working for Accenture has proved to be an excellent opportunity for her. Now, she is working with J.P. Morgan with better perks and facilities.

Her success is an example for other educated youth of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Dreaming is not bad, but to fulfill those dreams with dedication, depends on you. When you assess your life, you should look towards the poor. You will feel life better and will get encouragement to perform harder. You should never leave scope for any improvement and whenever you get an opportunity in life, always achieve that, grab it and make your success. Make it your way and it should be in a positive direction,” she said.

Harshita’s family feels proud of their daughter and praises the ‘Udaan Employment Scheme’, which has opened new career prospects for her.

Pramod Jain, Harshita’s mother, said that her daughter has got wings to dream through the ‘Udaan’ scheme.

“It’s a very good platform. The youth who did not get any opportunity, should take advantage of Udaan’s platform. My daughter has taken its advantage. Being a girl, without any help, she has established her career. Udaan is a very good platform which the youth can take its advantage of to enhance their personalities,” she said.

Earlier, it was observed that the youth of Jammu and Kashmir were unable to find jobs in many companies as they were unaware of the opportunities available in companies or the companies were unaware of the talent pool in the state.

The principal focus of the Udaan programme is to create an ecosystem to bridge this gap.