Udta Punjab banned by Censor Board

New Delhi, May 28: There is bad news for the fans of Udta Punjab as it has been grounded by the Censor Board for non-sensible reason again.

 The Board shocked the nation after it banned Udta Punjab directed by Abhishekk Chaubey due to excessive drug consumption and foul language.

 The film was based on thousands of people in Punjab are addicted to drugs taking taking the number to 2.32 lakh people which is 4.5% of the population. The film showcases drug abuses in the state which stars Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh and Alia Bhatt.In the trailer, actor Shahid Kapoor is seen essaying the character of a long-haired rockstar Tommy Singh who is high-on-drugs, sings with glee and abuses with impunity.

“It’s a normal process and I don’t understand why this ruckus is being created. There were some differences among members of the EC, so we had referred the film to the RC. But the makers have directly gone to FCAT which will now take a decision.” – Censor Board CEO said as reported in India Times.

Earlier, the trailer, which had expletives mouthed by Shahid and Alia, had also been ‘toned down’. When it came to certifying the film, DNA claimed that three members of the EC had suggested only a few cuts, but the fourth member dug in his heels, demanding a much higher number of cuts.

 According to reports, Censor Board refused certification to the film not exactly due to the expletive-laden dialogues, but due to political reasons in Punjab.