Ultimately, death leaves nothing other than sorrow at Chellammal Women’s College

Chennai, October 14: When the accident occurred It was around 1.35 pm. The afternoon classes of Chellammal Women’s College was to begin in about 10 minutes. There were scores of young girls going in and many were returning after attending the morning session.

All of a sudden, with a loud noise, a water tanker had knocked down five of them. After that it crushed an auto-rickshaw and hit two two-wheelers, rammed into the central median and stopped.

Broken bangles, books crushed and stained with blood, a comb, shattered mobile phones, bag and chappals strewn near their feet. Everyone was stunned for a few minutes.

The surrounding was filled with screams from the injured, shocked college mates and even the other public. The three young girls lay in a pool of blood.

Vehicles have piled up as the arterial Anna Salai came to a stand-still. Before long, the place was filled with crowd around the victims, passing sympathetic comments and clicking photos, reports newindianexpress.com.

Meanwhile, a motorist who passed the stretch informed traffic sub-inspector Natraj, a few meters away. The official rushed to the spot leaving behind the bike, mobile phone, keys and other things, carrying only his walkie-talkie. “There, the three young girls were found in a pool of blood. I alerted the control room and senior officials, and a traffic investigation team rushed to the spot in minutes,” said Natraj.

By then, college students and teachers were there. Friends were inconsolable while others were evidently struck by deep grief.

College vice-principal V Kalaivani said most students hail from weaker sections of the society. “Though there is a bus stop right next to the college, MTC buses with white board alone stop there. As such, most students travel by train and walk to the college from the station,” she told Express.

There was a similar incident in the past, when three girls from the college died in a train accident while walking along the tracks towards college in 2000, she added.

Soon after the accident, the college declared a holiday and police were pressed into action to clear the crowd and traffic. After about an hour, life on the busy stretch returned to normal. Three young lives have just become part of statistics.