Unambiguity persists in death of Jayalalithaa: AIIMS repeat statements

One man Commission Justice A Arumughaswamy assumes charge to inquire Jayalalithaa's death.

New Delhi, Mar 7: After the sudden tragic death of the Tamil Nadu former Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, the country heard numerous stories and speculations regarding her death. From the timeline of Jayalalithaa’s life events, just before she got admitted to Apollo Hospital, are enough to prove that she did not expect a death so near. Even the hospitalisation seems to be unexpected to her. The issue became sensational and viral when a woman named RamaSeetha commented in a public meeting in Tamil Nadu that Jayalalithaa was brought dead to Apollo hospital. The video footage of her claims had gone viral in the social media as well as in TV Channels and web portals.

Beyond all speculations and rumours, the truth is still under cover. Many people in Tamil Nadu want to know the truth and conduct a probe on their Amma’s death. The Former Chief Minister O Panneerselvam has even declared a judicial enquiry to dig the truth of Jayalalithaa’s death. Eevn before the declaration of the probe, former Tamil Nadu speaker CH Pandiyan alleged that Jayalalithaa was pushed from the back, when she was at Poes Garden, just before she was taken to Apollo Hospital Chennai. No one knows, in what condition Jayalalithaa was brought to Apollo hospital.

Two days after her admission at Apollo Hospital, it was conveyed that an executive meeting was held at the hospital regarding certain state matters. Moreover, media had reported that Jayalalithaa has dictated the matter to be presented regarding the Cauvery water dispute.

The often released health bulletins from the Apollo hospital had informed the public as well as the media about such incidents. However, these pieces of information never pacified the true Amma lovers, who spent days and weeks in front of the hospital praying for Jayalalitha’s health. Because none was allowed to see Jayalalithaa at the hospital. Even though there are many other claims, there is no information about somebody who met Jayalalithaa alive at Hospital. Not even Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar was allowed to see her.

People confused, whom to believe, RamaSeetha?

The former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and Jayalalithaa loyalist O Panneerselvam also claimed that he was never allowed to see her. But he revealed this only when he was pulled down from the Chief Minister’s chair.

Though most of the viewers believed her words, the Apollo hospital has filed a complaint against her making false and fabricated statements about the former Chief Minister’s death. In a public meeting held recently in R.K. Nagar “RamaSeetha” had alleged that she was there on duty while Late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister was brought to the hospital. Moreover, she was brought dead. As she continued her speech, she alleged that the hospital has kept the dead person at the hospital till she was declared dead after 75 days, on December 5.

“RamaSeetha” was arrested on 25th February on charges of cheating by impersonation, spreading rumours with an intention to cause a riot, causing panic among the general public, creating a disturbance to public order and for creating hatred between two groups.

According to the police investigation, she was never employed by Apollo Hospitals. She was neither connected to Apollo Hospitals nor she is a medical practitioner in any capacity. The investigation also revealed that she had the intention to gain public attention and to further her political career. After the complaint and subsequent investigation, “RamaSeetha” has been taken into police custody and was remanded.

Even though it is proved that Ramaseetha has fabricated the story, most of the people, who heard what she told, has believed it. And thus it gained a wide media coverage. Or else, the people might have been waiting for some similar revalations from some corner. Because the common people are still not convinced.

AIIMS report in Jayalalithaa’s death

Jayalalithaa was declared dead at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai on December 5 night. She was admitted on September 22 with fever and dehydration. At the request of the Tamil Nadu government, the AIIMS deployed a team of senior specialists to visit Chennai five times from October 5 until Jayalalithaa passed away. The AIIMS specialists were led by G.C. Khilnani, Professor in the Department of Pulmonology.

The Tamil Nadu government urged AIIMS on March 5 to hand over the “visit notes” of its specialists for its official records. The development comes amid claims by supporters of former Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam that Jayalalithaa’s death needed to be probed to know if there was any foul play.