Underwood’s time with son is wonderful

Los Angeles, Oct 21 (IANS) Singer Carrie Underwood says each day with her son, Isaiah, is wonderful.

The 33-year-old and her husband and ice hockey player Mike Fisher, welcomed Isaiah in February 2015, and Underwood is amazed at how he does something new which surprises her every single day, reports etonline.com.

Asked whether the highlight of her year would be a professional or personal moment, Underwood said: “There’s a lot of intertwining of the two. The (Storyteller Tour) has been absolutely amazing, but Isaiah’s been there the whole way so, it’s all colliding. Every day he does something new, every day is wonderful with him.”

Underwood had previously expressed a wish to expand her family, but has now said she can’t put a date on her second child because she is “not in control” of when she will get pregnant.

“My timeline doesn’t matter anyway, it’s all on God’s timing. We just kind of realised we are not in control, and we just take things as they come,” she said.