Unreal star and hubby Freddie Stroma , feels nice that Johanna Braddy’s now family

Unreal star Freddie Stroma , feels nice that Johanna Braddy's now family

Los Angeles, Jan 13 : Actor Freddie Stroma, who tied the knot with Johanna Braddy, said it feels great to know that the actress is now his family.

The actor, who starred as Adam Cromwell on “UnReal”, opened up about his special day, the moment he saw his wife walking down the aisle, and his upcoming honeymoon plans, reported People magazine.

“It feels great to know that she’s family, and that we are together now,” Stroma, 30 said.

“It is an amazing feeling. But Im looking forward to going back and just having some us time now. It will be really nice.”

The couple, who met while filming season 1 of “UnReal”, tied the knot at The Stables at Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club in Atlanta, Georgia on December 30.

“It was incredible. Went without a hitch. Seeing her come down the aisle, that was just gorgeous. She looked incredible. There might have been a few tears. I managed to wipe them away in times for words to be said,” said Stroma.

Because the two continue to work on their shows, they havent had a chance to plan a honeymoon ? but they have something in mind.

“Something we can both agree would be relaxing and nice. Were just trying to figure it all out with work.”