Unveiling the affinity between art, reality

Gurugram, Jan 30 (IANS) An artist’s creativity is the mother of all creations but only those are worth, which come from rational thinking. Exploring the delicate threads of affinity between creativity and its versatile approach towards the realistic world, an ongoing exhibition here brings across constructive styles from different artists.

The show titled, “Humaara Show – Creative offerings”, curated by Simi Kamalnath, is on at Gurgaon Fine Arts Academy till February 19.

Producing art is way of life and practice schedule for artists but an artist becomes creator or master when a creation reflects matchless quality which comes from artist’s insight.

Though working in disparate styles and genres, these artists remain deeply engaged with their shared experiences of life, nature, influences and the like.

“This show is a coming together of artists to express their inspirations, thoughts and a creative offering of their inner imaginations on canvas,” said Kamalnath.

“Paintings range from the figurative to the abstract to spiritual and of course nature,” she said, adding: “Bringing together the works of eight talented artists is overwhelming.”

“The show can prove that even in a group, being independent in approach, we can work together in a progressive Society and contribute to make it better for all,” the curator explained.

“Creative offerings” is the voice of the artists, to bring their thoughts to an audience, to bring art into the life of everyone, and bringing artist near to art lovers.