UP Police arrests man who killed four daughters by throwing them off train

UP Police arrests man who killed four daughters by throwing them off train

Lucknow/UP, Jan 17: The man who had allegedly thrown his five daughters off the Kamakhya-Katra Express was arrested on Tuesday, three months after the incident. Among five children four were found dead near the railway tracks. The fifth child who was missing was also believed to be dead. Later she was found alive in Bettiah a few days later. She was saved as she was in the arms of Afreen, her mother who survived and found unconscious on the tracks.

The Government Railway Police had arrested Iddu Ansari from the Lucknow railway station. A 13-member team was constituted by the Lucknow GRP to investigate the matter, after the shocking incident. Reportedly, the investigation team nabbed him when Iddu was heading to Delhi on a train.

Four of his daughters were found dead along the railway tracks in Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur District. The deceased were identified as 11-year-old Rabiya, 7-year-old Anbul, 6-year-old Munni, and 4-year-old Saleeba. Reportedly Iddu’s wife Afreen who is 40-year-old had also gone missing at the same time.

When Afreen became conscious, she realised that her daughters are missing. Finally she reached at the Sitapur district hospital to find her four daughters at the Sitapur district hospital, dead.

As the investigation began, Iddu, who was in a run to escaped from the police had constantly kept changing his location.

He did not even used a mobile phone until he got arrested by the police. On Tuesday the Charbagh police had arrested Iddu who was was heading towards Delhi on a train.

According to Charbagh police station authorities, Iddu has confessed the crime. He said he was not in his senses, when he did the crime. He added that he was under the influence of liquor at the time when he did it. “My son was not around when I was pushing the daughters. They were sleeping near the door,” he said.

According to IG GRP Binod Kumar Singh said, “Iddu had married twice. He is economically weak and was unable to meet expenses of his family. It appears he killed the girls as he may have been perceiving them as an unnecessary burden. A mix of factors provoked him to turn into a killer.”

Just after the death of the children, it was believed that Iddu’s wife Afreen was also dead as she was missing.