US airport Customs outage causes nationwide chaos

New York, Jan 3 (IANS) Passengers at airports across the US suffered hours-long delays when tech glitches jammed up Customs processing systems.

The four-hour outage on Monday affected airports from Florida to Boston, including JFK and Newark Liberty International, the New York Post reported.

The US Customs and Border Protection said in a statement that the “technology disruption” began at 5 p.m. and was fixed by 9 p.m.

“There is no indication the service disruption was malicious in nature,” the agency added.

Diagnostics tests are being conducted to determine the cause of the problem.

Post-holiday travellers took to Twitter to gripe about the long lines.

“customs outage total chaos & disorder. People panicking. Airport staff MIA (missing in action). Everybody missing connections,” tweeted Jennifer Angarita.