US ban on immigrants: White house aid saying that ‘it will not affect Green Card Holders’

White house

Washington, Jan 30: After United States President Donald Trump imposed a controversial ban on immigrants, majority of them from Muslim countries, an aide close to the President said on Monday that green card holders will not be affected by the immigration crackdown.

Terming Trump’s move as a ‘temporary ban’, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said that the ban “does not include green card holders going forward”.

Speaking at “Meet the Press” program, Priebus said that anyone travelling back and forth from the countries in question, including US citizens, will be subjected to further screening.

A green card is a document which is issued by the Department of Homeland Security permitting a person born outside the country to work in the United States as a permanent resident. A green card would usually entail for US citizenship.

The White House aide also said that the list of countries which have been highlighted in Trump’s immigration ban may expand in the coming future.