US Company Marylebone Cricket Club’s idea of Giant tents to end rain delays in cricket

US Company Marylebone Cricket Club's idea of Giant tents to end rain delays in cricket. Photo: Twitter

London, October 5: The England cricket chiefs are planning to set up giant tents in order to ensure that rain can no longer stop the cricket matches. The research is being carried out by placing mesh netting over grounds after a United States company approached the England and Wales Cricket Board.

The England and Wales Cricket Board has spoken to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) that owns the Lord’s in northwest London. This proposal includes suspending a thin plastic mesh spread over the pitches with a hot air balloon in the center to lift up the canopy, creating a tent-like effect. The testing of this new technology is still at a very early stage yet it has attracted the interest of cricket’s governing bodies in the United Kingdom.

Guy Lavender, the Marylebone Cricket Club executive said that we are looking up for new technologies and ways to get games on and more people playing cricket. We are looking forward to interesting technologies that could some create protection from rain and keep the game on in wet weather. This idea would be the start of a journey of seeing what is practical and what is possible.

As far cricket is concerned, especially in the United Kingdom, rain has always been one of the major issues. And it was witnessed in summer, with the unpredictable weather during the ICC Champions Trophy, in which Australia could only complete a single game, while the other two were washed-out.

Technically there are some issues such as how to handle the run-off water and safety in high winds. This technology is believed to be at least two years away from becoming a reality. In August, a large number of Twenty20 matches were damaged and cricket authorities will be enthusiastic to avoid disturbances to a new city-based T20 competition that starts in 2020.