US expert praises India for its stance on Doklam standoff

US expert praises India for its stance on Doklam standoff

Washington, August 12: ‘India behaves like a mature power’, asserts a top American Defence Expert regarding the Doklam standoff at the trijunction of India, Bhutan and China. China is considered as an adolescent throwing ‘tamper tantrum’ over India.

From the last 50 days, Indian and Chinese troops have been locked in Doklam area as Indian troops obstructed the Chinese People’s Liberation Army from building a road in that area.

James R Holmes, professor of strategy at the prestigious US Naval War College, praised India for its matured behaviour over the Doklam issue. By not pulling back the Indian troop and not responding to Beijing’s over the top rhetoric, James says that so far New Delhi has done everything right.

James mentioned China as ‘weird’ as they are going on creating unrest at the boundary of its most formidable neighbour. James said that US remains silent on Doklam issue as the current Indian administration is strong enough to face it alone. He also opined about the probability of Washington to come over and support India, if the dispute happens to intensify into an uncontrollable manner.