US Governor collapses during State address

Washington, Jan 24 (IANS) Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton collapsed on stage after slurring his words during the State of the State address, media reports said.

“Tonight (Monday), Governor Dayton briefly fainted after speaking for about 40 minutes. He quickly recovered, walked out of the Capitol and returned home,” CNN quoted his Chief of Staff Jaime Tincher as saying.

Emergency Medical Technicians performed a routine check on the Governor. The 69-year-old Democrat is home with his family and planned to present his 2017 budget on Tuesday morning as planned.

A video clip showed the Governor pausing to take a sip of water, then slurring his words as he tried to resume his address before slumping at the podium. He appeared to hit his forehead on it as he lost his footing and aides rushed to grab him.