US Republican offers $1,000 to person with proof of voter fraud

Washington, Feb 14 (IANS) A former Republican leader in the US state of New Hampshire has posted a reward of $1,000 to any potential tipster who can provide proof of voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election.

Fergus Cullen, former chairman of the New Hampshire Republicans, tweeted that evidence of a single illegal vote cast by any Massachusetts resident who boarded a bus to New Hampshire and voted illegally, will suffice, Xinhua news agency reported.

“I will pay $1,000 to first person proving even one out of state person took bus from MA to any NH polling place last Election Day,” Cullen tweeted on February 10.

“Anyone claiming buses bring hundreds from out-of-state to NH to vote has never tried to rent several buses,” he tweeted. “Go ahead, call around.”

Resonating to President Donald Trump’s similar claim, Cullen said illegal voters were the reason both he and outed Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte lost New Hampshire to their Democratic rivals in November.

Trump, though winning the electoral college handily, has repeatedly claimed that he lost popular votes to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton due to mass voter fraud.

However, US media argued there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud anywhere in the country.

It has never once been documented, studies that suggest it could be happening have been discredited, and election officials in states where it has been alleged say such allegations are baloney, according to a report from the Boston magazine.

Cullen’s proposal came days after Trump was reportedly riffed with senators about a conspiracy in Massachusetts to sabotage the election in the swing state.