Varsity bans criticism of China’s charter, party leaders

Beijing, Jan 13 (IANS) A university in China’s Guangdong province has released a code of conduct banning the criticism of the country’s constitution and leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

An official at Sun Yat-Sen University’s publicity department confirmed to the Global Times on Thursday that the code of conduct was named “10 behaviours not allowed in class”.

The first and second articles said criticising China’s Constitution and CPC leaders were not allowed in class.

The document also bans spreading religion and superstitions, discriminating and physically abusing students, using phones in class and entering classrooms after drinking alcoholic beverage.

However, a Sun Yat-Sen University professor told the Global Times that he did not receive such a document.

China’s top education official has pledged to strengthen the leadership of the Party in schools and enhance ideological education among Chinese students in December 2016.

President Xi Jinping said ideological work in colleges should be integrated into the entire education process.

Xi called on Party authorities to prioritise ideological and political work in colleges and strengthen their leadership in the sector.