Varun Gandhi ‘Honey-trapped’: Disturbs his blissful politics in UP

New Delhi, Oct 21: Indira Gandhi’s grandson Varun Gandhi was on his path winning hearts of people of Sultanpur, where he represents BJP. He was making waves nonetheless and also  made way to headlines in media.

However, bigger news was waiting for him as he has come to the spotlight over the allegations on leaking the defence secrets to middleman Abhishek Verma after being ‘honeytrapped’.

Swaraj Abhiyan leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, during a media conference, released a letter from Edmonds Allen- a New York based layer-cum-whistleblower, to the PMO citing that BJP MP Varun was honeytrapped by Verma.

Varun denied these charges citing that he has not met Verma since 2004. He also raised that he would be filing defamation case against Bhushan and Yadav.

The duo has alleged that the letter from Edmonds claim that Varun was blackmailed with pictures with foreign  escorts and prostitutes.

“The entire information presented does not contain an iota of proof that either I had access or shared any communication regarding sensitive information to Verma,” Varun said.

Allen, who was a partner of Verma, fell out with him in 2012. Verma is facing trial in the 2006 Naval War Room leak case.

Bhushan alleged that despite having all the details, BJP government did not blacklist Thales, the company that sold scam-tainted Scorpene submarines, as Dassault acquired it. India recently signed a deal with Dassault for 36 Rafale aircraft.

Even  the controversial arms dealer  Verma denied the allegations of  purported defence leaks claiming that that the pictures and emails circulated are fabricated.

“New-York-based lawyer Edmonds Allen is a known forger and he had in the past also morphed some photos of another individual and I had filed a case of criminal defamation against Allen in Patiala House Court on February 6, 2012. The case trial is on and the matter is subjudice,” Verma said in a statement issued on Thursday night.

He said the so called “emails and photos are fabricated as I had not issued nor photographed Gandhi nor referred to him anywhere.

“These are attempts on part of Allen to defame me, and others named in the letter. Allen is a known forger and there is a suit pending under sections of Information Technology Act and forgery at Patiala House courts which is subjudice therefore, this new act today orchestrated by Allen is true to his nature of character assassination by forgery and deceit.

“I will be initiating a suit for criminal defamation against Edmonds Allen and maybe against Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav shortly,” he said.

Bhushan alleged that the Indian government had announced getting 126 aircrafts but bought only 36 by paying double the price for individual units. “Don’t you smell something fishy in this,”  asked Bhushan.

The whistleblower shot the letter to PM, Defence Minister,  CBI and the NSA with every  detail on August and  September.

Varun was staying pleasant and blissful  in the midst of Uttar Pradesh’s  political  turmoil by raising funds for farmers who were on the verge of suicide.