Venkaiah Naidu comments on Indian values countering Hamid Ansari’s expression of discomfiture

Venkaiah Naidu rejects Congress-led move to impeach Chief Justice of India.

New Delhi, August 10: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu, after ascending the throne, asserted that development must be the aim of politics. He also stated considering the whole world, India is the most tolerant nation. It is Indian nature to respect their fellow beings.

He also mentioned that, in spite of the tolerant character, people sometimes use small issues for political gains. This could defame our mother land. Naidu asserted thus after the outgoing vice president Hamid Ansari had stated on Wednesday, a feeling of unrest and insecurity for the Muslims in India.

Ansari conveyed his discomfiture with the recent incidents of murdering in the country as an insult for the phrase ‘Indianness’. Indian values are affected by all such heinous crimes and it points out the inefficiency of the authorities. He also added that democracy is questioned when the voice of the minorities are unheard, as the opposition groups are not let to express their views.