Video: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi stuns Zee News reporter over his question on Jai Shah’s corruption

Congress president Rahul Gandhi releases party manifesto for Karnataka, calls it 'Mann ki Baat' of people Photo: Twitter

Varanasi/Uttar Pradesh, October 10: The corruption and money laundering of Amit Shah’s son had been a hot topic nationwide.

The Opposition party had even asked the Prime Minister to ask for Amit Shah’s resignation.

While Rahul Gandhi was in public meeting a reporter of the Zee News has asked him about the issue of Amit Shah son’s case. The video of rahul gandhi replying to his question had gone viral in the social media.

Rahul gandhi had literally made the reporter stunned asking him about the allegations against Amit Shah’s son jai Shah. The Zee News reporter was unable to answer any of Rahul’s questions.

The Zee news reporter asked Rahul Gandhi’s opinion about the corruption of Jai Shah while he was on a tour at Aklav in Anand district.