Vijay Mallya’s pre-trial hearing on extradition case begins today, says done nothing wrong

Vijay Mallya's pre-trial hearing on extradition case begins today, says done nothing wrong. Photo: Twitter

London/United Kingdom, November 20: At the Westminster Magistrates Court in London, Vijay Mallya arrived today for his pre-trial extradition hearing. The extradition hearing of liquor baron confirmed for eight days starting from December 4. Viajy Mallya, the 61-year-old businessman was released on bail on an extradition warrant by Scotland Yard in 2017.

Vijay Mallya was released by the judge on the same bail conditions and was asked to appear at court on December 4. The trial will last until December 14 and December 8 will be seen as  a non-sitting day.

According to sources, after today’s case Vijay Mallya repeatedly said that he has done nothing wrong and will let the evidence speak in court. It will all become clear in court.

The case against Vijay Mallya is being opposed by the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service on behalf of the Indian authorities presented extra charges of money laundering at the last hearing in the case on October 3.

The money charges are related to Vijay Mallya’s defunct Kingfisher Airlines owing more than Rs 9,000 crore to various Indian banks. The UB Group Chief was on self-imposed exile in the UK since he left India on March 2, 2016.

The Crown Prosecution Service said that refilling of the extradition request in court were being done after the new charges superseded in the previous ongoing case.

The judge in this case Chief Magistrate Emma Louise Arbuthnot gave nod to once again open the case while keeping to the same time-table as set before. Emma Louise Arbuthnot added that if further evidences are presented, then the trial on December 4 will be at risk before releasing him on the same bail conditions as before.