Why do this village houses are painted in Pink ?

Jaipur, May 13: Apart from the pink city of Jaipur India has a pink village in Chattisgarh, that all houses of the village are painted pink.

The Nanaksagar village has 206 houses painted pink to articulate that the families built and use toilets.

It is an order from the village head Suvardhan Pradhan that every house should have atleast a toilet and houses with toilets should be painted pink. Families who breach the rule should be fined with Rs 500.

“ It was a decision from the village head he strictly ordered that every house should have a toilet. We asked them to paint pink because it was easy to recognise houses which are in need of toilets, now every one has,” Chief Executive Officer of Nanaksagar, Chandra Prakash Patra said.

The village head Pradhan says it was not an easy task for him to make the village clean.  “In the beginning they did not listen to me. Later I myself go to streets and cleaned the wastes. Then they felt embarrassed and joined me. Now everyone has got toilets,” Pradhan says.

Pradhan has also taught the villagers to plant trees around their houses as part of clean mission.

The village also boasts about renovating a village pond and use it as their swimming pool.

Prdhan continues : “we keep it clean and neat like swimming pools in the city. Earlier that pond was covered by mud and dirt but now its completely clear. Now even in summer it don’t get dried,” he said.

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