Vinod A KSRTC Bus Conductor in Kerala doing an Altruistic Act for Others

Kochi, June 14: In Kerala, a bus conductor working for KSRTC is doing his best to bring out lasting change in his state by making a small step.

Vinod is helping many by creating a Facebook Page ‘We Help’ in order to help poor and helpless. He decided to take the intiative five years ago from today. As the network grew, so did the right intentions and courage to reach their aim. Their group’s major target is to connect with those  blood donors who are willinglyready to donate bloodto save someone’s life. Today, blood donation is the group’s primary activity. They even go by the name ‘Blood Donors Kerala (BDK).’

The group is driven by a group of youngsters like Jishnu Raj, a telecom engineer; Vinu Nair, an IT employee; businessmen Rahul Ramesh and Aneesh Ashraf; engineering students Akshay, Bleson, and Sreejith; bank employee Atul and lawyer Aruna, to name a few.

According to The Hindu reports, the group has facilitated blood donation by thousands of people. They have also organised 60 odd camps and awareness programmes one of which was at Vllarpadam at a wedding party.

Besides blood donation, the group also  does lots of charity works such as sponsoring  education to poor students and supplying food to orphanages and old age homes.

The Hindu reports, ”BDK is organising a camp for three days from June 12, culminating on World Blood Donors Day on June 14. The camp for donating platelets to leukaemia patients will be held from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on all days, and interested people may walk in and donate blood”.