Violation of Indus Waters Treaty can set dangerous precedent: Pakistan

Moscow, Dec 28 (IANS) Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry has said India’s violation of the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) would set a dangerous precedent for other countries to behave similarly.

“Contravention of the treaty or its unilateral abrogation by India will not only violate the IWT, but also set a precedent providing other countries a possible justification to undertake similar actions,” Chaudhry said while speaking to Russian news agency Sputnik.

The IWT was signed in 1960 to allocate the three eastern rivers of the Indus basin — the Ravi, Beas and Sutlej — to India, while 80 per cent waters of the three western ones — the Indus, Jhelum and Chenab — were allotted to Pakistan.

It was reported earlier this week that India was stepping up efforts to maximise its use of the western rivers of the Indus basin, a move that involves building large storage facilities and canals.

India has maintained that it has not fully utilised its 20 per cent share of the Indus waters and that the proposed water projects would not be in violation of the treaty. Pakistan has disputed India’s contention.