Vir to document his own tour

Mumbai, Feb 19 (IANS) Actor-comedian Vir Das, who is set for the Boarding Das World Tour, plans to document it. It will have an official release in theatres next year.

He is planning to capture behind the curtains, rehearsals, travel diaries, interviews and more.

Vir said in a statement: “I’m pretty kicked about putting together this unique documentary movie on the tour. The world tour is spread over this entire year in 21 countries and I begin next weekend in the US.”

“I want to capture the essence of what comedy can do, it can bring joy to people and can bring people together regardless of circumstances. The documentary…we intend to release next year and will be an experiential film under 90 minutes that would be interspersed with performances, behind the scenes and the whole madness that goes behind making someone as gigantic as this into reality.”

The Boarding Das World Tour will cover six continents and 21 countries.