Viral: Catholic priest’s ‘insulting remarks’ against women in jeans

Women in Jeans
Now, the video of a priest went viral on social media in Kerala.

Kochi, Mar 01: Now, the video of a priest went viral on social media in Kerala.

A video footage showing a catholic priest in Kerala, allegedly using offendable words against women wearing jeans and shirts while offering worship at churches got the attention of the online media also.

A Malayalam Christian devotional channel, Shalom TV,  aired a programme, which was later uploaded on the internet, the priest said that the Holy Bible and the Catholic Church have not given any permission to girls to wear jeans and T-shirts, which is the outfit of boys.

We could not independently verify the video’s authenticity, though the video carries the logo of Shalom TV.

In the channel programme, seemingly a convention, the Catholic priest can be heard saying that girls, who wear jeans and revealing dresses against the principles of ‘Holy Bible’, should be drowned.

The priest, asked about the video today, told India Live Today that, “I have not uploaded the video and it has been edited with some interests.” He immediately hung up the phone.

The priest’s office, when contacted, said that they have not seen the video yet and it might have been uploaded on the social media by somebody with “some other interest”.

“The video is a one-year-old programme. We don’t know who uploaded it in social media. We think that an edited version of his speech was uploaded by somebody with some special interests,” the office explained.

In the video footage, the priest said, “I do not feel like leading the mass in some churches where girls are seen dressed in jeans, pants, T-shirts and a cellphone in hand.

“My question is… who gave you the right to wear such dress code of boys? Does the Catholic church give you the right? Or does the ‘Holy Bible’ give you the right to do so?”, the priest asking to the audience.

“The Holy Bible says that men should not wear the clothes of women and the same way women should not wear those of men. If they do so, they pay no attention to God,” the priest said.

“Many boys had complained to me that, though they took good decisions after attending some religious classes, the semi-nude women outside the church premises persuaded them to commit sin”The priest continues.

“The Girls who do so should be drowned after tying a stone to their neck,” he said, adding that if girls come to the church wearing skimpy clothes, they would be got the curse, instead of being blessed by God.

A lot of people in Kerala, especially women, have come out against the Church priest’s speech on the Video.

Former Rajya Sabha MP  and CPIM Women’s wing leader T N Seema said that such statements have emanated from those with “primitive and distorted values and conscience. By this kind of statements, these people are actually insulting their own religion before the society.”

“People like him escape from the clutches of law under the cover of religious protection,” she told added.

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