Viral video of sibling love when mother scolds elder sister

NewYork,Nov18:Shared on Facebook on November 8 by Melissa Nunez, the video shows the heartwarming bond between two little sisters. It has also amassed over 2 lakh reactions and more than 2.4 lakh shares on the social networking site.

All of 56 seconds long, the video shows little TK defending her older sister, Emma, from their ‘angry’ mother. It’s clear from the very beginning that mum Jessica Elzy is only pretend-scolding her daughter to see the toddler’s reaction. Emma plays along and the results are as expected.

“Nooo mommy,” screams TK the second her mum starts yelling. Fighting back the grin forming on her face, mom Jessica tries to tell the little girl that her sister was being bad. But TK was having none of it.
Don’t mess with my sister is her message and it’s quite a strong one at that.

We promise you’ll be smiling by the end. Take a look.