Vodafone launches 15 day fest ‘Game-a-Thon’ for gaming enthusiasts

New Delhi, Dec 6 : Vodafone India has announced to offer “Vodafone U Game-a-Thon” to gaming enthusiasts as part of its first-ever 15-day “Online Gaming Fest” in the country.

Available on Google Play Store, the gaming app includes several gaming categories including sports, simulation, puzzles and so on and can be accessed till December 15.

“We present ‘Vodafone U Game-A-Thon’ where our customers will get a choice of 18 Indie games to indulge and enjoy,” said Siddharth Banerjee, National Brand Head, Vodafone India.

“Game-a-Thon” is currently live and has already been downloaded more than one million times.

“There will be one winner per game, per day. Every winner will receive a Vodafone U hamper with a pair of Sony U Branded headphones,” the company said.

There will also be one winner per game at the end of the offer period who will receive a Vodafone U hamper with a Google Pixel smartphone.