Voice of Ram’s magical work wins the heart of India and Pakistan during the 70th anniversary of Independence

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New Delhi, August 14: India-Pakistan, the two neighbouring nations (literally siblings), is popularly known for disputes, war, battle and what not! Peace between the two nations is hardly seen. But when one looks deep into the hearts of a common man from the two nations, there is a feeling of brotherhood and oneness that craves for peace and to live in harmony.

When both India and Pakistan celebrates their 70th Independence Day, Voice of Ram (a group helmed by Ram Subramaniam) gathered a few artistes from both the nations and were asked to sing each others’ national anthem as well as their own. The result was mind blowing, a feeling that cannot be explained through words.

The video reminds that united we are, can bring out wonders! Starting with the Pakistani national anthem ‘Qaumi Taranah or Pak Sarzamin’, the song moves to Indian national anthem ‘Jan Gan Man’. The magical song has an apt title ‘Peace Anthem’.

On Pakistan’s Independence Day, August 14th, VOR gifted them with a song sung by Indian capella (group or solo singing without instrumental accompaniment) band ‘Voxchord’ singing Pakistani national anthem. It has gone viral and is widely appreciated by citizens of both nations.