Want to achieve work-life balance? Learn to say “NO”

Want to achieve work-life balance? Learn to say "NO"

New Delhi, August 11: Being very liberal is a good character. But in reality, when it comes to relationships or in work place or personal matters, it is somewhat a give and takes policy.

If a person is constantly taking and is giving you nothing but stress in return, you need to put a stop.

We can see that if someone is constantly trying to take advantage of you, they would have developed a pattern to make use of you.

We need to recognise the other person’s behaviour and mentality, how they are behaving to us. Some people use tricks on us after understanding our behavioural pattern. So we must be alert and ensure that we are not left blindsided when they ask some favour, inevitable to you too.

We all have a choice to say NO

When we start to say “NO”, it is the first step to prevent the situation from getting out of hand and will stop the offender from taking advantages of us. Sometimes they act desperate in a situation or they claim to be ignorant about a particular task. Even kind people have their limits and it is up to them to set boundaries. While it may seem harsh, remember it is not your problem.

Look forward

When a person understands that we are caring more than he/she deserve, they will take advantage of your kindness. When you feel that you are doing more for others than you are doing for yourself, it’s time to stop. While it s fine to lend a helping hand now and then if you’re constantly putting your to-do-list aside to accommodate someone else’s you need to get real with yourself.


Deleting the unwanted people from life keep u more happier than ever, more over our happiness is more important. If a person hurts you or ignores you repeatedly you need to remove them from your life.
It easier to say it done, but its the only choice we have to make our life smoother.