Want to live in Uttarakhand? Have to sing national anthem and Vande Mataram

Dehradun, April 7: Uttarakhand Higher Education Minister and a former RSS functionary Dhan Singh Rawat has said that singing of the national anthem and national song in colleges would be made compulsory from the next academic session in July.

While addressing college students in Roorkee, Rawat, MoS (higher education), reportedly said, “If you want to live in Uttarakhand, you have to sing Vande Mataram.”

Rawat said the national anthem will be sung at 10 am, the national song at 4 in the evening in colleges.

In damage control later, he told CNN-News18, “The media has taken my speech out of context. The media is not playing my full speech. We are taking advice from various people. From the next session, we will make singing Vande Mataram compulsory in our colleges and schools. Everyone should sing Vande Mataram. In our state, no one is opposing Vande Mataram.”

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader also confirmed that a dress code would soon be drafted for graduate and post-graduate students.

All the decisions are expected to be implemented in the next session commencing in July.

Last week in Meerut, Mayor Harikant Ahluwalia had issued an order that corporators who refuse to sing Vande Mataram will not be allowed to take part in future proceedings of the Nagar Nigam. Ahluwalia is a leader of the BJP, which is in majority in the Meerut Corporation.

After Meerut, Allahabad now faces Vande Mataram row. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Councillors at the Allahabad Nagar Nigam on Thursday demanded a new rule, under which the house proceedings would start with the national song Vande Matram and end with the national anthem Jana Gana Mana.