Want to marry PM Modi: Jaipur woman Om Shanti Sharma on a sit-in at Jantar Mantar waiting for Modi

Jaipur woman Om Shanti Sharma on a sit-in at Jantar Mantar. Photo Courtesy: India Today.

New Delhi, October 7: In a bizarre protest, a 40-year-old woman is staging a sit-in at Jantar Mantar. Om Shanti Sharma, a woman from Jaipur has started a protest in New Delhi on September 8, to marry Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The news about the women staging a protest to marry Narendra Modi had been reported by India today. Om Shanti Sharma certifies herself that her mental condition is perfectly alright. “Narendra Modi is alone and many works are left to be done. So my aim is to serve Modi. When I say this, people used to laugh at me”, says Om Shanti Sharma.

She further added that “what I have to tell them is the reason why I wish to marry Narendra Modi is not something other than respect. Our culture teaches us to respect elders and help them in their works. This is what I intend to do”, she added.

Om Shanti Sharma is married and divorced. She is also having a daughter. She claims that she is economically sound as she owns properties and money in Jaipur. Om Shanti Sharma says that she is planning to sell some of her property and buy gifts for Narendra Modi.

Om Shanti Sharma is waiting for the day on which Narendra Modi would come and meet her. She says that she would continue with her protest till Modi comes.

Meanwhile, the move of the National Green Tribunal to end all protests at Jantar Mantar is worrying Om Shanti Sharma.