Wasn’t voted to light lamps, cut ribbons: PM Narendra Modi in Uttarakhand

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets soldiers, veterans and families on Army Day.

Dehradun, Dec 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing a Parivartan rally in Dehradun. Here are the highlights:
— Uttarakhand won’t wait for Vikas now.
— This is the land of the gods and deities, this is the land of the brave.
— You have overwhelmed me; I can see so many people and I am happy that women have joined this rally in large numbers.
— The inauguration of Char Dham project is a tribute to those who lost their lives during Uttarakhand flash floods.
— People of Uttarakhand do not wish wait any longer for development.
— Our country has seen government that have failed to give basic facilities to 125 crore people.
— Politicians from other parties should know by now that the people know everything, they know everything.
— I assure you that whenever you will come for Kedarnath, Badrinath yatra, you will remember this government.
— Hasty conception of schemes may be able to give short term political gains but the gains for people will be limited.
— Tourism is the biggest asset of Uttarakhand. If facilities are provided, then which family in the country would not want to come here?
— Char Dham project offers employment opportunities for the people of Uttarakhand.
— Even after years 70 of independence, 18,000 villages have not seen electricity.
— Wasn’t voted to light lamps, cut ribbons.
— My Government took the initiative and we decided to electrify villages within 1000 days.
— Over 12,000 villages have already been electrified.
— In all these years (60 years) not a single electricity pole had reached these villages. Now see what has happened. This is a government which is dedicated to the poor.
— My Army jawans were demanding OROP for the last 40 years, the party that ruled the country then never thought of their demands.
— Black money hoarders evading the law being caught every day.
— I salute my Army jawans. Rs. 6,600 crore have already been disbursed under OROP.
— In reality, the budget for OROP is over Rs. 10,000 crore. Why did they (Congress) betray the Jawans by allocating 500 crore for this.
— We were clear that from Day 1 that our Jawans must get their due.
— We said OROP will be a reality.
— You have made me a watchman and now people are not comfortable that I am doing my job.
— Black money has destroyed the country.
— People have a problem with me freeing the country of corruption.
–We had said the corrupt will be punished, and this is happening. This is a ‘Safai Abhiyaan’ and people of India have helped me