Watch: Daughter brutally thrashes 85-year-old mother

A video of a daughter mercilessly thrashing her own 85-year-old mother is going viral on social media today. The video clipping is shot through a mobile by the neighbor as their voice can also be heard in the video. It was first shared on facebook and is now all over the social media.

In the clipping the woman is seen beating her own mother while pulling and pushing her at their house balcony in the area of Kalkalji. The neighbor while shooting the video is also trying to stop the woman verbally, but instead of stopping, the daughter continued her brutal behavior. According to reports, the mother has been living with her daughter for the past 10 years after her husband passed away. The fight between daughter and mother is a regular affair, the neighbors claimed.

Later, they informed the Police Control Room and informed them about the incident. The PCR team paid a visit, but the mother refused to file a complaint or give a statement. Hence, no case could be filed against the daughter. According to the details posted on Facebook page ‘SIKH Channel DELHI UNIT,’ the 85-year-old woman is Gurbachan Kaur and her daughter’s name is Ravinder Kaur. Gurbachan has one son who is studying in USA and 4 daughters.

The video clip has been shared by over 30,000 people and more than 1.237,385 people have viewed it so far.