Watch: Hating male shark ‘bossing around’, female shark eats him

Watch: Hating male shark 'bossing around', female shark eats him

This can maybe be called as ‘heights of feminism’ where a female shark hated when a male shark bumped into her territory at COEX Aquarium, Seoul on Monday and did not think twice, but just ate him starting from the head.

It took the 8-year-old female 21 hours to eat the 5-year-old male inside a tank, starting with the male’s head and slowly went about consuming the rest of his body for 22 hours.

This act of shark cannibalism likely was the result of the sharks bumping into one another. “Sharks have their own territories,” an aquarium official told Reuters. “Sometimes, when they bump into each other, they bite out of astonishment.”

Since its too big a meal, she is expected to disgorge the remains of her tankmate as she would not be able to digest the shark.