Watch: Panchayat President Allegedly Attempts to Rape Woman

In a shocking incident, President of one of the Karnataka Gram Panchayats allegedly attempted to rape a woman after office hours.

The CCTV footage clearly shows how the accused Chandrahas, a Janta Dal leader of the area sexually abused the woman by forcefully lifting her and pushing her. According to reports, the 35-year-old woman was his employee and he attempted the abuse after calling her to his chamber after office hours. As I was leaving the office, he intercepted me, dragged me, lifted me and tried to rape me,” she said. The victim is also from Basavalingana Doddi and has been working at the gram panchayat office for the last six years.

The victim is reportedly a widow and was working in the Chandrahas’s office after she was given a job on compassion basis due to her husband’s death.

After watching the footage, members lodged a complaint against the leader with Kestur Police demanding disqualification of his membership on immediate grounds. Following the development, the police detained the accused, Chandrahas on Friday evening for interrogation, reported The Hindu.

According to reports, he was elected from Basavalingana Doddi village in the gram panchayat elections held last year and became the president.